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Our modern fleet is composed of a variety of tandem and tridem combo vacs to meet the demands of any job regardless of size. The tridem trucks offer a higher payload capacity when weight becomes an issue such as when hauling sand.  These units have many applications throughout the oil and gas industry.  The wash systems are equipped with a 1.2 million btu burner to produce hot water or dry steam in cold environments.

Combo Vacs

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tank cleaning


Combo vacs are utilized to clean a variety of tanks that are used in oil and gas operations.  These units can be used to clean P-tanks, rig tanks, mud tanks, 400 bbl tanks, and truck mounted tanks to name a few.  The high pressure wash pump is effective at moving large volumes of waste towards the vacuum line.  Many of our units are also equipped with 2" buoy pumps to provide increased water flow.

zero entry


Through the use of a Gamajet IX Tote Blaster, tank cleaning can be done with virtually no worker exposure to toxic atmospheres within tanks.  This device is powered solely by the wash pump on the combination unit it was designed for.  When activated, the nozzle will rotate 360° on two axis covering all surrounding areas completing a full cycle in approximately 10 mintutes.  This engineering control of reducing worker exposure reiterates our commitment to working safely.

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