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Emergency shower trailers


Shower units are intended to provide standby safety services for workers whenever hazardous fluids are being pumped or handled.  These units were built according to ANSI standard Z358.1 as referenced by section 5.90 of WorkSafeBC's OHS regulations and Enform's IRP 8.10.  They are equipped with an internal breaker system and require two 30 amp, 240 volt power outlets  to operate. 

24hr Dispatch





The 1000 gallon water tank is capable of supplying all 3 shower heads with a 20 gal/min continuous water supply.  This is particularly important when there is increased personnel exposure in the "hot zone."  Each shower head is accompanied by an eye wash station/sink  The units are also equipped with a drench hose.  A thermostatically controlled spa pak allows user to heat the water to a tepid or moderately warm temperature and reliably maintain it.


Trailer or truck


The shower trailers are perfectly suited for long duration fracs where acid is being used.  The client/representatives will be oriented in the operation of the unit upon delivery and will have the freedom to man the unit to his discretion.  If requested Black Gold can supply a trained operator as a Standby Shower Attendent.  Safety Shower Trucks are also available for shorter duration jobs.

Emergency Shower Units

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